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One Consolidated System

We've found that with many large companies that have multiple brands and multiple websites, it is a challenge to keep a constant technology set. A lot of companies are trying to find an open source CMS and pair it with an E-Commerce system to create a comprehensive solution. However, this setup presents many challenges like having two admins, training your team on two systems, and hefty consulting fees to get the two systems seamlessly integrated from front end to back end. Even after all of this effort, many companies then hire usability experts to continually modify the site workflow to optimize the user experience.

With Web Cube we offer a solution to these challenges. We offer a CMS and E-Commerce system all-in-one. You get the power of both in one system and you don't have to go through the head aches of of trying to integrate two different systems. In addition, we have a time tested standard front end layout that provides an optimal user experience.

We are continually focused on making it easier for companies to manage their web infrastructure.