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Introducing the Web Cube API

We are excited to announce that the next release of Web Cube (anticipated Fall 2011) will roll out with an integral REST API (Application Programming Interface). The API will streamline ERP integrations, facilitate creation of custom content publishing and management tools, and allow for new, innovative integrations with mobile and desktop clients for E-Commerce administrators.

API access can be configured per user, to ensure that the user's permissions are persisted to their tools.

For the technically minded, the following is an example query for all of the orders of August 1st, 2011 (with the response in a simple JSON object):

curl "http://example.com/us/api/v1/orders/order/?fulfillment_dategte=2011-8-1&fulfillment_datelt=2011-8-2&username=john&api_key=XXXXXXXXX"

NOTE: For existing Web Cube customers, the API is available as a module for 4.0 and above.