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Rise of Pinterest and Instagram Show Scope of Django's Power

What does Web Cube have in common with Pinterest and Instagram, the fastest growing trends in social media? They all use Django, the open source web framework with a powerful foundation for building secure, capable, and highly scalable web applications.

Django was originally developed by an online-news operation for the purpose of meeting newspaper deadlines. Outside the newspaper industry, the framework has been adopted by high-tech organizations from Google to NASA. With the emergence of several fast growing, world-class Django powered applications such as Pinterest and Instagram, it has proven to be a truly global platform.

Pinterest, the highly popular “virtual pinboard,” is one of the fastest growing social media sites with over 10.4 million registered users in less than two years. And that’s just a fraction of Instagram’s fan base, which exploded from 30 million to 40 million users within 10 days of the photo-sharing app’s Android launch, and the much-hyped $1 billion acquisition by Facebook.

Although it’s making headlines now, the emergence of Django on the global stage comes as no surprise to us. Web Cube was specifically built on Django because we know how scalable and powerful the platform can be. Instagram and Pinterest are just well known examples of that immense power and reach.

We’re also dedicated to empowering Django and the Django community. Our team has released over 15 open source Django libraries and we look to broadening our open source contributions. With Django’s proven success as a scalable platform, we are excited to grow our clients’ eCommerce and web capabilities to a global audience using Web Cube’s Django-powered CMS.