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Enhancement Spotlight – Admin Support Tab and Dashboard

Here at Web Cube, we are buzzing about the new updated admin interface and improved developer support documentation announced this week, making the powerful CMS and eCommerce solution even more user-friendly and functional for leading online brands. Today, we focus the spotlight on two specific features that have transformed the way our clients command their eCommerce platform via Web Cube – the support tab and dashboard.

The support tab puts a variety of help and support resources directly at the user’s fingertips. The tab includes links to Web Cube’s enhanced support documentation, empowering users, designers, and developers to master the Web Cube interface and customize and extend the product following tried and true best practices. The support tab also provides direct access to the Web Cube support team with a feedback form to report specific customer and user issues.

As the entire main section of the Web Cube home screen, the new admin dashboard has revolutionized the way marketers interact with the Web Cube interface and operate their eCommerce store. The dashboard offers users instant access to their latest orders and returns, quick search, recent actions by logged in users, and shortcuts to the reports and order fulfillment managers. The centerpiece of the dashboard is the enhanced performance graph. While past users generated sales or fulfillment reports in order to gain business and sales insight, the new graph now provides an instant snapshot of the online store’s performance before the user even logs in.

With a focus on integrated CMS, eCommerce, and marketing solutions for online brands, Web Cube continues to raise the bar on eCommerce platforms. Join the excitement and see how Web Cube powers eCommerce for mid to enterprise businesses.