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8 Tips for Reducing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the key concerns of today’s eCommerce executives. According to eMarketer, over 60% of prospective customers abandon online shopping carts after adding one or more items. So how can brands increase their shopping cart conversions? We’ve compiled a list of the top eight ways that brands can optimize their checkout experience to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

1) Keep the checkout process short and simple

According to Blair Lyon, Vice President of Marketing at Monetate, the most effective strategy for reducing cart abandonment is to offer a seamless, brief, and simple checkout process.

2) Allow guest checkout

Studies from Forrester have shown that 23% of shoppers abandon carts when asked to create a user account. Give your customers the freedom to forgo registration through a convenient guest checkout option.

3) Include a mini cart summary

Most customers want to confirm exactly what they are purchasing before giving up their credit card information. Use a mini cart summary with product thumbnail images to let customers view their shopping cart without leaving the checkout page.

4) Display shipping fees

According to a study by PayPal and comScore, 46% of shoppers abandon their carts because of high shipping charges. Be sure to disclose all shipping fees to customers by calculating shipping costs based on location in real time.

5) Explain the CVV

Remove any confusion from online shopping by providing pop-up images to demonstrate how to find the CVV (card verification value) on credit cards.

6) Provide customer service information

If and when customers experience difficulty during checkout, your representatives should be readily available to avoid losing the sale. Always display your customer service number and email within the checkout form.

7) Display security verification

Put your customers at ease during payment by displaying security badges, certificates, and lock icons next to the credit card field.

8) Send a trigger follow-up email

Even if the cart has been abandoned, it’s never too late to save the sale. Send out triggered emails with a coupon or shopping cart summary reminding prospective customers about their cart items.

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