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Guide Consumers to Better Conversions with Web Cube’s Product Selector

At Web Cube, we understand consumers want eCommerce experiences tailored to their needs. Today’s online shoppers expect customization, personalization and a seamless user experience that will lead them to the right product in the shortest amount of time. Brands should focus on designing the optimal mix of guided discovery to offer targeted suggestions and encourage purchases online.

When it comes to optimizing your customers’ online experience, Web Cube has you covered. Web Cube’s advanced product selector functionality gives you the tools you need to help customers find the right size and model of the products they are looking for. Help shoppers discover your products faster, shop smarter, and leave more satisfied.
 Learn how three of Web Cube’s clients are using product selectors to increase conversion rates:

  • The Rip Curl Wetsuit Selector allows surfers to select their gender, zipper preference, season, region, height, weight and performance features to find the right size and type of wetsuit. Surfers around the world can purchase their wetsuits online with confidence. Find your perfect fit here.

  • Dunlop’s Tire Selector has simplified the process of selecting the correct model and size of motorcycle tires. The tire selector allows users to browse through a wide array of tires and provides instant results based on make, model, and year. See it in action here.

  • Eldorado Stone’s interactive product selector helps consumers choose the right materials and design for their home or commercial space, with customized stonework recommendations based on design, shape, color, and regional preferences. Find the best manufactured stone products here.

Join these successful brands and see how Web Cube’s advanced product selector can help guide consumers to better conversions.