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Drive Social Commerce Success in 2013 With Web Cube and Facebook

For many top retail brands, 2013 will mark a year of increased investment in social media. Social has emerged in the last five years as a growing driver of eCommerce traffic, and analysts see no signs of slowing. Booz & Co. has found that 27% of shoppers are willing to buy through social media, and forecasts that U.S. social commerce sales will grow 93% per year to reach $14 billion by 2015.

Marketers and analysts agree that Facebook remains the most promising network for social commerce opportunity. According to Gartner, a brand’s most valuable customers are their Facebook fans - compared to a brand’s non-fans, 79% of fans are more likely to purchase and 74% are more likely to recommend a product or brand. Facebook also continues to be a top source of social referral traffic to brand sites, with Facebook shoppers leading Twitter and Pinterest in page views per session and revenue generated per visit. With the recent release of Gifts, Facebook Exchange, and other tools, Facebook continues to build out the platform’s eCommerce and marketing capabilities.

How can today’s most innovative retailers leverage Facebook for social commerce success? Web Cube has incorporated the latest Facebook technology to empower brands with robust social integration and selling tools. Learn how Web Cube’s social features, included with Web Cube eCommerce, can activate your customers as social brand ambassadors and monetize your social media channels.

Buy on Facebook

Build Facebook tabs with listings of products and custom banners, allowing your customers to click and purchase products within Facebook.

Build and Manage Facebook Pages

Use Web Cube to build and manage interactive Facebook pages, empowering you to manage your CMS, eCommerce, and Facebook content on one fully integrated platform.

Login with Facebook

Allow customers to create user accounts with their Facebook ID. Web Cube automatically populates account information fields from Facebook and enables users to leave comments on products, blog posts, and other content via Facebook.

Refer-A-Friend Rewards

Web Cube’s built-in promotion engine allows you to reward customers for referring their friends and family to your online store. Web Cube tracks referral traffic to reward store credit to customers whose referrals resulted in a purchase.

Facebook Open Graph Integration

Web Cube’s Facebook Open Graph integration empowers you to deeply integrate into the core Facebook experience, allowing your users to share products and other content on Facebook’s Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker.

Best New Gadgets at CES 2013

The Web Cube team has returned from Las Vegas after another successful year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest technology trade show. We joined over 160,000 technology executives, journalists, and analysts for a jam-packed week of new product releases and conference speakers. We were also proud to congratulate Web Cube customer Technicolor for winning the Videomaker Spotlight Award for their new color correction software CineStyle Color Assist.

What was most buzzworthy at CES 2013? From an estimated 20,000 new product releases, a few innovative new gadgets stood out from the pack. Here's our list of the top new gadgets from CES:

1) Audi & Lexus Self-Driving Cars

In the wake of Google's recent self-driving car experiment, both Audi and Lexus released their own technology at CES 2013. Audi showcased a car that can park itself inside a garage after dropping off the driver, as well as self-drive during a stop-and-go traffic jam. Lexus demonstrated an autonomous, self-driving car with a focus on advanced safety features (and like Google, also requires a driver behind the wheel in order to operate). While the technology is promising, both cars are several years away from market release.

2) Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch

Pebble's innovative E-Paper Smartwatch uses e-ink display and features phone (via Bluetooth 4.0), texting, Facebook, Twitter, calendar, music, and fitness app functionality, while also integrating with smartphones. After receiving funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign in April, Pebble has finally announced January 23 as the release date for their sought after e-paper watch.

3) Samsung T9000 Fridge with Evernote App

Samsung showcased the newest model of its T9000 Refrigerator, a “smart” fridge with a 10-inch LCD touch screen that integrates with the app Evernote to allow users to manage and share recipes, shopping lists, calendars, photos, videos, and more. While price and release date have not been announced, Samsung will release the fridge without LCD in the spring for $3,999.

Cyber Monday Sales Break eCommerce Records

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us, and after a record-breaking Thanksgiving weekend, U.S. online retailers are already seeing green. According to the National Retail Federation, a record 247 million consumers shopped at stores and retail websites over the weekend with total sales reaching a staggering $59.1 billion.

Cyber Monday online sales rose 17% over 2011 to $1.47 billion, once again breaking records as the top online spending day in U.S. history. The average online shopper spent $172.42, a 37.8% increase over 2011, with top items including electronics and accessories, jewelry, watches, and gift cards.

How did mobile and social commerce perform during the Thanksgiving shopping frenzy? While Facebook has reported a 240% increase in referral traffic to top retail sites, third-party reports show that mobile played a much larger role than social in Thanksgiving online sales. Mobile sales accounted for 13% of overall transactions, an impressive 96% increase over 2011, with more than 7% of online shopping attributed to the iPad alone.

eMarketer has reported that total 2012 eCommerce holiday sales are forecasted to increase 16.8% to $54.5 billion. After a record-shattering Thanksgiving weekend, U.S online retailers can continue looking forward to a bright holiday season.

Upcoming Webinar: Web Cube + Avalara, Sales Tax Simplified

Mark your calendars! Next Thursday, November 15, Web Cube will be co-hosting a webinar with our sales tax partner Avalara. Join us from 2:00pm to 3:00pm PT to learn how the winning combination of Web Cube and Avalara can simplify sales tax management, within a seamlessly blended brand and eCommerce website. This web-seminar is a ‘must see’ if your business is experiencing challenges related to sales tax compliance. Don’t waste additional time on manual compliance efforts; instead learn how your business resources can focus on revenue generating activities. More importantly you will gain the knowledge necessary to achieve compliance and reduce your exposure to suffering penalties from an audit.

Join us November 15 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm PT and learn how you can avoid eCommerce sales tax headaches. Register today!

Keep A Breast Launches International Websites on Web Cube

The Keep A Breast Foundation, the leading youth-focused, global nonprofit breast cancer organization, has launched multiple international websites on Web Cube. Keep A Breast selected Web Cube as their platform of choice to launch international sites in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Japan.

As a nonprofit focused on international breast cancer awareness, prevention, and education, Keep A Breast needed a powerful, dynamic site that could house over 500 pages of informational content while remaining easy to navigate for users. Keep A Breast chose the Web Cube platform because of its built-in scalability, efficiency, and internationalization tools.

The new Keep-A-Breast.org leverages Web Cube’s robust CMS features including blog, news, press, calendar, FAQ, media room, video gallery, and custom pages to communicate the nonprofit’s mission and story. Keep A Breast also utilized Web Cube’s deep social media integration and advanced CTA and marketing features to enable users to easily donate, volunteer, and share informational content across all social media platforms.

“Keep A Breast needed their site to be the ‘ultimate prevention destination’ for anyone seeking information about breast cancer,” says Aaron Cuker, CEO of Web Cube. “Through Web Cube, Keep A Breast has quickly taken their cause global by efficiently deploying and managing different international instances of the site on one integrated platform. Web Cube has made it easier for users to join the Keep A Breast community, whether it’s through donating, volunteering, becoming a member, or spreading the word.”

Web Cube Supports Django Community at DjangoCon 2012

This month, the Web Cube team headed to Washington, D.C. for DjangoCon 2012, the annual conference for Django developers to gather and share ideas. As a longtime supporter of the Django community, we were proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at the event.

The conference was in full swing, with over 400 attendees from all sectors. We enjoyed meeting other djangonauts, handing out Web Cube t-shirts, and meeting with folks from the Mozilla Software Foundation, Django core team, NASA, the Library of Congress, Github, and many other fantastic organizations both great and small.

Jason and Nikolaj both gave lightning talks about open source initiatives the Web Cube team is working on, such as Dockit-CMS and Hyper Admin. Jason and Kevin also participated in the sprints and gave back to the community by working on Django-powered open source projects.

As an adopter of Django since 2006, we are excited to continue our support of the Django community and see a great future for the web framework. We look forward to sponsoring future events and furthering our engagement with the community. We’ll see you at DjangoCon 2013 in Chicago!

Web Cube New Feature Spotlight – Team Section

The Web Cube team is excited to announce the launch of a new CMS feature that allows brands to showcase the pro athletes, spokespeople, and ambassadors that help build their brand – the Team Section.

The new Team Section on Web Cube provides brands a pre-built, streamlined process for incorporating their brand ambassadors on their eCommerce site. Through the Team Section, users can create team or ambassador sections and organize their employees, brand ambassadors, celebrity spokespersons, or sponsored athletes into one comprehensive section. Web Cube’s Team App allows users to upload team member content, photo galleries, videos, bios, and links to their social media accounts, as well as manage multiple teams per brand. Users can also list links to their ambassadors’ favorite products from the online store, allowing consumers to easily shop for ambassador-endorsed products.

With advanced content and eCommerce features like the new Team Section, Web Cube empowers brands to quickly and efficiently deploy robust, branded eCommerce stores.

jQuery Conference 2012

The Web Cube team attended the 2012 jQuery Conference in San Francisco to listen, learn, and converse about the past, present, and future of jQuery.

jQuery is the most popular JavaScript library, used by more than half of the 10,000 most visited websites. With over 600+ attendees, the conference has been growing year over year since jQuery's release by John Resig in 2006.

Over the course of two days, the conference covered a wide range of material, including standards, best practices, performance optimization, testing, single page applications and mobile development.  jQuery Foundation President Dave Methvin kicked off the event by describing the future of the "write less, do more" JavaScript Library and how upcoming releases will improve how developers interact with jQuery. Talks also covered how to leverage modern technologies across all media and devices to tailor the User Experience to the individual.

The Web Cube team returned to San Diego energized and inspired by the conversations and insight shared at this year's jQuery Conference in San Francisco.  We can't wait to make our digital properties even better and faster!

Join Our Team! - We're looking for Software Developers - Django / Python Experts

We are looking for innovative programmers and software developers to join our award-winning team. We have a passion for innovation, quality work, developing simple solutions to complex problems, and digital marketing that creates results for our clients. We are looking for developers to work in our software team that drives our integrated CMS and eCommerce Platform that is built with Django / Python. Our platform is used by large well-known brand to power their website and eCommerce stores. Our clients depend on us for ongoing innovation, quality software tools, and marketing software apps that deliver results.

This is a full time position. We are looking for a responsible, dedicated, career-minded professional interested in growth opportunities.

Requirements: - Python/Django Experience - Excellent SQL skills - Professional Experience Developing Web Applications - Strong Knowledge of HTTP/HTML/REST/JSON/XML and other modern web technologies - Complete familiarity with Linux - Comfortable learning new languages and resolving package issues - Dedicated Team Player - Enthusiasm and awareness of web standards and technology - Must be comfortable with deadlines, be punctual and friendly, communicate clearly, and be diligent and honest

Responsibilities: - Develop Innovative Django Applications - Support Team testing standards - Work to optimize development processes - Contribute new ideas and solutions - Be dedicated to continually higher levels of quality - Contribute to open source projects and participate in the development community - Have fun!

Please send your resume and a description of relevant experience to info@webcubecms.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

IRCE 2012 and the Power of User Engagement

Web Cube has returned from Chicago after attending the 8th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE), where over 9,000 retailing and eCommerce executives gathered for speaker sessions with the industry’s top experts and explored an exciting Exhibit Hall showcase of hundreds of eCommerce vendors. The Web Cube team toured the Exhibit Hall to network with eCommerce executives and meet up with Braintree and Avalara, our partners in online payment and sales tax automation solutions.

IRCE’s 175 speakers represented a diverse mix of executives from retail chains to manufacturing, but one central message rang clear throughout the conference – the key to capturing the 21st century online consumer is user engagement. From desktop eCommerce to mobile devices and social media, every online touchpoint must provide visually rich and meaningful content to provide consumers with an engaging online shopping experience and deepen their relationship and loyalty to your brand.

According to keynote speaker Alexis Maybank, the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Gilt Groupe, the upscale daily deal site has grown to 5 million members and has become one of the top 10 mobile retailers in the U.S. by romancing customers through rich imagery, curated product selections, and a highly customized shopping experience for each customer across all eCommerce, social, and mobile channels.

Web Cube enjoyed participating in sessions with leading industry experts and networking with eCommerce retailers to share our leading integrated CMS and eCommerce platform designed specifically for brands. We’re already looking forward to IRCE 2013!