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Enhancement Spotlight – Admin Support Tab and Dashboard

Here at Web Cube, we are buzzing about the new updated admin interface and improved developer support documentation announced this week, making the powerful CMS and eCommerce solution even more user-friendly and functional for leading online brands. Today, we focus the spotlight on two specific features that have transformed the way our clients command their eCommerce platform via Web Cube – the support tab and dashboard.

The support tab puts a variety of help and support resources directly at the user’s fingertips. The tab includes links to Web Cube’s enhanced support documentation, empowering users, designers, and developers to master the Web Cube interface and customize and extend the product following tried and true best practices. The support tab also provides direct access to the Web Cube support team with a feedback form to report specific customer and user issues.

As the entire main section of the Web Cube home screen, the new admin dashboard has revolutionized the way marketers interact with the Web Cube interface and operate their eCommerce store. The dashboard offers users instant access to their latest orders and returns, quick search, recent actions by logged in users, and shortcuts to the reports and order fulfillment managers. The centerpiece of the dashboard is the enhanced performance graph. While past users generated sales or fulfillment reports in order to gain business and sales insight, the new graph now provides an instant snapshot of the online store’s performance before the user even logs in.

With a focus on integrated CMS, eCommerce, and marketing solutions for online brands, Web Cube continues to raise the bar on eCommerce platforms. Join the excitement and see how Web Cube powers eCommerce for mid to enterprise businesses.

Rise of Pinterest and Instagram Show Scope of Django's Power

What does Web Cube have in common with Pinterest and Instagram, the fastest growing trends in social media? They all use Django, the open source web framework with a powerful foundation for building secure, capable, and highly scalable web applications.

Django was originally developed by an online-news operation for the purpose of meeting newspaper deadlines. Outside the newspaper industry, the framework has been adopted by high-tech organizations from Google to NASA. With the emergence of several fast growing, world-class Django powered applications such as Pinterest and Instagram, it has proven to be a truly global platform.

Pinterest, the highly popular “virtual pinboard,” is one of the fastest growing social media sites with over 10.4 million registered users in less than two years. And that’s just a fraction of Instagram’s fan base, which exploded from 30 million to 40 million users within 10 days of the photo-sharing app’s Android launch, and the much-hyped $1 billion acquisition by Facebook.

Although it’s making headlines now, the emergence of Django on the global stage comes as no surprise to us. Web Cube was specifically built on Django because we know how scalable and powerful the platform can be. Instagram and Pinterest are just well known examples of that immense power and reach.

We’re also dedicated to empowering Django and the Django community. Our team has released over 15 open source Django libraries and we look to broadening our open source contributions. With Django’s proven success as a scalable platform, we are excited to grow our clients’ eCommerce and web capabilities to a global audience using Web Cube’s Django-powered CMS.

Web Cube Joins Leading Developers at PyCon 2012

Web Cube had the great privilege of being a Gold Sponsor at Pycon 2012 in Santa Clara. It was a record year with over 2,000 attendees, and as Paul Graham said, Pycon was truly the "center of Silicon Valley" for those three days. The Web Cube team attended and participated in many talks and discussions on performance, security, scalability, internationalization, data analysis, and deployment. Jason gave a lightning talk on Dockit, a new Open Source project Web Cube is sponsoring to try to create a next generation infrastructure for content management, and Nikolaj managed a 23:13 in the Pycon 5k.

All in all, we had a great time and were excited to see so many people in the community. Web Cube has been building and deploying python powered applications for over 5 years, and we owe a deep gratitude to all those who make it possible.

You can follow Jason's Dockit talk here.

E-Commerce Tax Information for Brands of All Sizes

During our recent webinar with tax solution Avalara, the following question was asked: "What are the benefits that Avalara can provide for brands with eCommerce that currently do not have nexus in multiple states?" Bob Holt at Avalara provided further information for brands, both those with current eCommerce capabilities or those looking to enter the eCommerce space.

"At Avalara we work with the small client doing hundreds of transactions a month to those clients doing hundreds of thousands of transactions a month.  The tax challenges are the same; how to accurately file, report and remit sales tax to the appropriate sales tax jurisdiction.  This challenge is shared by all businesses, perhaps more so with the small and midsize business because these organizations will not have the extra staff to support such a complicated and tedious undertaking as sales tax calculation, reporting and remitting.   As companies grow, their likelihood of audit increases; an independent study found that 95% of mid-sized companies underreported sales tax liability.  Additionally, once companies achieved mid-market status nearly 90% reported that they had been subject to an audit and 50% reported having been audited more than 5 times.       Each month there over 500 changes in sales tax rate, rules and boundaries.  States are increasingly looking for revenue to compensate for greater expenses and diminishing revenue.  In California alone, the state hired 60 additional auditors to investigate underreported sales tax.  Manual sales tax calculations are expensive from a time, talent and opportunity cost perspective.  As anyone who has done sales tax can attest;  sales tax in no way, shape or form adds to an organization’s revenue, sales or market positioning.       Since its inception in 2004, none of Avalara’s over 10,000 customers have reported a negative audit result and allowing you to do what your business does best-grow."

Web Cube/Avalara Integration Empowers Rip Curl E-commerce

When international surf brand Rip Curl needed a new North America E-Commerce platform that would strengthen their U.S. sales operations and showcase their new product line, they turned to Web Cube. Due to complexities like the company's presence in multiple U.S. states, the project needed a powerful, proven tax management solution. Avalara tax management services were integrated into the Web Cube E-Commerce system to provide accurate, real-time end-to-end sales tax compliance.

Join our webinar on February 16th with Web Cube Technology Director Nikolaj Baer to learn about how the Rip Curl E-commerce tax implementation with our partner Avalara provided a seamless shopping experience and reliable, compliant sales tax calculations.

PyCon 2012

Web Cube is excited to be participating in PyCon 2012 - the largest annual gathering for the Python programming community which will be held March 7-15 in Santa Clara, CA. As a PyCon sponsor, we'll be joining industry heavyweights like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter, as well as other leaders in the digital space, such as Rackspace, Spotify, Hulu, and Mozilla.

We're expecting to make a big splash at the event, as the leading developers in the Python community are introduced to all the features that make Web Cube one of the most user-friendly robust CMS and E-commerce platforms available on the market today.

Stop by and say hello if you're in Santa Clara!

Show Your E-commerce Consumers the Love This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has become one of the biggest non-Christmas season holidays for eCommerce in the U.S., and the love seems to be growing even stronger...this year's percentage rise in Valentine's Day sales should outpace the Christmas year-over-year increase, according to the National Retail Federation. Total spending for the holiday is expected to reach $17.6 billion, and nearly 20% of that will be spent online.

How can brands make sure to grab a slice of the Valentine's pie? By offering compelling promotions, offering custom coupon codes, and leveraging social media to make sure that potential gift products are thoroughly promoted. Other powerful merchandizing strategies include building Valentine's-specific landing pages, holiday-themed gift cards, and mobile-ready browsing for the many shoppers who research products on their smartphones or tablets before making purchases. Click here to explore the many ways that Web Cube can customize the online shopping experience for consumers and brands.

The Future of E-Commerce is Here

Web Cube 4.2 is here! Grow your brand online with the most scalable, powerful version yet. Web Cube 4.2 has a whole host of sophisticated features that will take your business to the next level, including advanced order management features like order locking, email history, and an intuitive order management panel.

Web Cube 4.2 will also help expand your brand's online reach, with comprehensive social media features that enhance e-commerce, like Sell on Facebook, Open Graph Support, Customer Referrals and Rewards, and Facebook Connect integration. Other powerful enhancements for optimizing online sales include a 'stepped' checkout process, user accounts, color chips, and customer reviews.

The future of e-commerce is already here. Explore the many ways that Web Cube is revolutionizing the Web experience and helping companies leverage unlimited revenue online.

Web Cube Elevates Social Brand Commerce

Social media has become an essential component of successful eCommerce. Web Cube 4.2 incorporates powerful Facebook integration to offer clients advanced social media features that empower brands and enhance eCommerce. Some of these exciting new features include:

  • Sell on Facebook - list your products on a merchandising page in multiple Facebook tabs

  • Open Graph Support - expose your products and website content as facebook pages and harness the power of the Facebook Insights platform, as well as customize the appearance of "liked" content on Facebook

  • Customer Referrals and Rewards - incentivize your customer base by giving customers referral bonuses when they share products with their friends, and reward long-term customers by giving out store credit when they purchase certain items at certain quantities

  • Facebook Connect - simplify customer account creation with Facebook Connect support, and allow customers to quickly and securely create and log into Web Cube with their Facebook profile

Leverage the power of Facebook to grow brand awareness and drive sales with Web Cube 4.2!

A Sneak Peek at Web Cube 4.2

Launching in Fall 2011, Web Cube 4.2 is poised to be one of the most comprehensive eCommerce and Web CMS platforms ever. Here's a sneak peek preview of some of the exciting new key features:

  • New and Improved Checkout
  • Integrated Address Verification
  • Advanced Tax Management Support
  • Advanced User Accounts
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Pay with Paypal
  • Log In with Facebook
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Integrated REST API
  • Facebook Open Graph Support
  • Secure Credit Card Storage (through Payment Gateway)
  • Streamlined Order Management
  • YouTube and Vimeo OEmbed Video Support

Web Cube 4.2 promises to help businesses redefine online success with the most scalable, powerful version yet. It is your all-in-one, prebuilt, preinstalled Web platform that includes all of the important marketing features that you need to ensure that your Web store stands out from the competition. Harness the power of Web Cube 4.2 to grow your business and expand your brand's global reach.