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Web Cube Does Deals

SignOn San Diego recently upped their game by incorporating Web Cube E-Commerce as the powerhouse behind their revamped Daily Deals website. They leveraged Web Cube's powerful One Page Checkout, it's Facebook Connect integration and user accounts, and of course Web Cube's unparalleled flexibility to build a Daily Deals site that can list multiple deals and side deals at the same time.

Web Cube is not only the engine for world class branding and E-Commerce sites, but it can be the platform for building integrated custom web applications as well. It is truly at a platform solution.

Introducing the Web Cube API

We are excited to announce that the next release of Web Cube (anticipated Fall 2011) will roll out with an integral REST API (Application Programming Interface). The API will streamline ERP integrations, facilitate creation of custom content publishing and management tools, and allow for new, innovative integrations with mobile and desktop clients for E-Commerce administrators.

API access can be configured per user, to ensure that the user's permissions are persisted to their tools.

For the technically minded, the following is an example query for all of the orders of August 1st, 2011 (with the response in a simple JSON object):

curl "http://example.com/us/api/v1/orders/order/?fulfillment_dategte=2011-8-1&fulfillment_datelt=2011-8-2&username=john&api_key=XXXXXXXXX"

NOTE: For existing Web Cube customers, the API is available as a module for 4.0 and above.

Mobile is a Necessity, not an Accessory

A Web Cube E-Commerce customer recently launched their Web Cube Mobile Commerce, and found within a month that it accounted for over 15% of their overall E-Commerce transactions. With this kind of growth, it is clear that having Mobile Commerce is no longer an accessory to a great E-Commerce site, it is a necessity.

We Are Hiring Sales Reps

We are looking for a top notch Sales experts with experience in the CMS and E-Commerce industry to join our team. As one of the fastest growing CMS and E-Commerce platforms in the industry, we are looking for a passionate team member that is ready to dive in and grow with us. This role involves working with our strong roster of clients and new business development selling our software system and professional services.

We value honesty, integrity, great communication skills, precision, solid work ethic, and a strong team member that takes pride in their work. If you have these attributes and technical expertise in CMS, E-Commerce, and web technologies, then let's talk!

Contact us at: info@webcubecms.com

Inspired By Experience

At Web Cube, we are inspired by experience.  

Don't you love it when you go to a website and the shopping experience is polished from end-to-end? When you can easily find what you're looking for and complete the transaction without frustration or confusion? We do too. When it comes to a great customer experience, the devil is in the details.

With Web Cube, we strive to make a product that provides that end-to-end polished experience for every customer that wants to interact with your brand and shop from your store.  From homepage to product pages, and from shopping cart to automated followup emails, we love a smooth, unhampered experience that makes purchasing easy and intuitive.  And the results of this attention to detail mean more than just happy visitors - we've seen over and over that this polished user experience translates into significant increases in revenue and average order value for our clients.

Seamless Integration For Streamlined Efficiencies

Web Cube CMS is an all-in-one solution that integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of applications, including accounting, ERP, warehouse, CRM, social media, and email marketing software. From front end to back end, easy integration helps to improve workflow efficiencies and streamline your business operations. Learn how easy it is to leverage the power of Web Cube to grow your business online.

Manduka Strikes the Perfect Balance

Leading yoga brand Manduka has found a way to leverage Web Cube's extensive e-commerce features to strike the perfect balance between form and function. Knowing that Web Cube merchandising pages can be a great way to to dress up seasonal or special product promotions, they created a custom page at http://www.manduka.com/us/lyrics/ to introduce the new Lyrics line, their first ever artist inspired collection.

Web Cube's robust e e-commerce functionality allows for quick and easy creation of unique merchandising pages with customizable URLs, special product merchandising, promotion-specific banners, and custom SEO tags. Web Cube clients can create seasonal or collection-based campaigns at a low cost and high ROI. Web Cube empowers clients like Manduka to offer customers custom promotions that engage and inspire.

Drive International Sales with Global E-Commerce

Web Cube gives your business the flexibility to expand into global markets with ease. With Web Cube international E-commerce, you can target, reach and sell to customers around the world, with robust internationalization capabilities that can be customized for your unique business objectives.

Target different regions, sell in different multiple currencies, and fulfill orders from different locations. Create multiple prices per product and control your currency conversion rate per region. Allow customers to choose the currency they prefer to pay with, and handle customer service for multiple storefronts.

In today’s global economy, international e-commerce is an essential component of online business growth. With Web Cube’s international infrastructure, you can expand into international markets easily and efficiently, and sell directly to customers around the world.

Learn more about Web Cube's comprehensive international e-commerce capabilities here.

The Beauty of Mobile

Sojourn is a new high-quality hair care line from Elan Sassoon, the son of hair icon Vidal Sassoon. The company recently leveraged Web Cube CMS to develop a new website to showcase the line of salon-only products. Web Cube is the ideal platform for building websites that look great on mobile devices, including the iPad - learn more about how to tap into the power of mobile at http://www.webcubecms.com/products/mobile/.

Go Global with Internationalization

Web Cube eCommerce is proud to announce our multiple currency storefront for our Enterprise product. Web Cube clients can now list products in multiple currencies and sell in different regions, over multiple domains or a single domain. Fulfill orders in different locations with Web Cube Fulfill, and import your orders in multiple currencies directly into QuickBooks with the Web Cube QuickBooks Connector.

Web Cube is a globally-ready product and will help you connect your brand with your customers worldwide.