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One Consolidated System

We've found that with many large companies that have multiple brands and multiple websites, it is a challenge to keep a constant technology set. A lot of companies are trying to find an open source CMS and pair it with an E-Commerce system to create a comprehensive solution. However, this setup presents many challenges like having two admins, training your team on two systems, and hefty consulting fees to get the two systems seamlessly integrated from front end to back end. Even after all of this effort, many companies then hire usability experts to continually modify the site workflow to optimize the user experience.

With Web Cube we offer a solution to these challenges. We offer a CMS and E-Commerce system all-in-one. You get the power of both in one system and you don't have to go through the head aches of of trying to integrate two different systems. In addition, we have a time tested standard front end layout that provides an optimal user experience.

We are continually focused on making it easier for companies to manage their web infrastructure.

Web Cube Support Videos Coming Soon

Right now we are working on generating support videos to add to our support articles. Our goal is to use screen casts to walk through popular use cases like adding products, news, blogs, etc. We are always focused on ways to continue to improve our user support. If you have any specific requests for screen casts, post a comment below or email it to info@webcubecms.com.

Web Cube 4.0

We are announcing the Launch of Web Cube 4.0. We have been working hard on adding features and adding polish to deliver an out-of-the box solution that allows for quicker web development.

Web marketing is fast paced and every marketing department needs a CMS solution that can handle creative marketing campaigns and can adapt quickly. You need to be able to leverage pre-existing features, and then quickly customize them to fit the marketing requirements.

With Web Cube Enterprise 4.0 we have added out-of-the box gift cards, gift wrapping, advanced coupon system, affiliate, tiered pricing, volume discounts, store credit, and more. When your marketing department comes up with a challenging campaign to be built, we want to offer the tools to achieve this quickly.

With the 4.0 launch we also focused on polish. We challenged ourselves to build the best designed out-of-the-box front end possible which will make it easier and faster to do front-end development for new websites. We enlisted the support of award winning interactive agency Cuker Interactive to design our front end UI. We are very proud of the new design and feel that it is best in class.

We will continue to post more information about Web Cube 4.0. If you would like to take a tour of the new product, contact us at info@webcubecms.com

Web Cube Getting Ready to go Mobile

We have been hard at work, bringing an out of box mobile experience to Web Cube that rivals some of the best mobile websites out there. Stay tuned for more details..

Ian Bicking's Toppcloud

Ian Bicking has just blogged about a new project he is building called toppcloud that will provide an easy deployment container utilizing his virtualenv. We here at Web Cube have deployment scripts using fabric, however we have long admired the simplicity of Google App Engine's deployment, and will watch Toppcloud with interest.

Mobile Extends its Reach

With the hotly anticipated Apple tablet slated for release today, the growing presence of mobile style devices is set to continue to grow. The Web Cube platform is poised to help your business expand into mobile, with core mobile capabilities on its immediate roadmap.

Stay tuned to find out more with our own mobile plans.

Grow Global E-commerce with Web Cube + Braintree

Web Cube CMS and online payment processor Braintree have partnered to provide to a global e-commerce solution that allows for easy, secure international credit card processing. This exciting partnership allows Web Cube clients to leverage Braintree’s trusted payment gateway to grow their global e-commerce sales. Braintree is currently featuring Web Cube and this strategic partnership at http://www.braintreepaymentsolutions.com/why-braintree/partners/.

Quiksilver Go Wins Web Marketing Award

Quiksilver Go wins the Web Marketing Association's 2009 Sports Standard of Excellence Award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development. Check out the details here. Quiksilver Go uses Web Cube's Video and Photo features. The website also taps into Web Cube's full-frame flash ready components to deliver a cinematic user experience on the front end.

DjangoCon 2009 Day 2

DjangoCon has been a great experience so far. We have been able to bond with many developers in the community and been inspired by the conversations and talks.

Thanks to Brian Luft from Lincoln Loop for giving a shout out to our CEO, Aaron Cuker in his panel about how to sell Django. During this panel we gained insight from lead Django developers at NASA, PBS, and others.

We have found quit a bit of interest in our E-Commerce platform. We feel that there is a big need for the product within the Django Community and we aim to provide the best E-Commerce Django platform.

We are giving a lightning talk today about Web Cube's E-Commerce Model. After this conference we hope to solidify several new reseller relationships that offers the value of the E-Commerce and Core Products to Companies and Agencies across the nation.