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Web Cube E-Commerce 3.0

Web Cube 3.0 E-Commerce has been updated to include additional features on the front end and back end. Features include product zooming, page filtering, and dynamic SEO implementation. Stay tuned for more details on Web Cube 3.0.

We will be unveiling the updated Web Cube E-Commerce 3.0 at the upcoming DjangoCon conference in Portland September 8-12.

Photo's Vs. Galleries

Web Cube Core now offers 2 options for the layout of photos.

The "Galleries" feature allows you to add multiple photo galleries to your website. The Galleries feature include a main photo, zooming, description, scrolling thumbnails and list of galleries. Here is an example:


If you only need one set of photos on your website you will want to use the "Photos" application. This feature has a main photo, zooming, description and scrolling thumbnails. Here are some example of this feature in action:


Info Pages

The new Web Cube 3.0 Core includes "Info Pages". We came up with the concept of "Info Pages" due to the demand for large content sections on our client websites. Our clients need the ability to easily add, update, and remove content sections such as "Services". They also need to be able to organize these sections in multiple levels of categories, sub-categories.

The Info Pages feature allows you to easily add, edit, and categorize large content sections. You can also embed images and graphics in the page content.

Contact Us for a demo if you are interested in taking a tour of the Info Pages feature and other features in the Web Cube Core.

Press Feature

We recently updated the Press feature in Web Cube Core. The press feature can now be used to showcase press articles and link directly to the featured products from the article. If you have a Web Cube Store, you can easily link the products in the store to related press articles. Below are some examples of the press feature in action:




Web Cube Core 3.0

We have released Web Cube Core 3.0 which includes several feature upgrades. The 3.0 Core includes new FAQ's, Info Pages, and Press features.

Web Cube Core 3.0 also has an updated "out of the box" front end design. The clean layout of the videos, photos, blog, and other features reduces the amount of development time required to make these features match the look of the website that you are building.

Contact Us for a demo if you are interested in taking a tour of the software update.

New Vix Site Built With Web Cube

The new Vix Swimwear site was unveiled on July 1st to rave reviews and impressive numbers. The new enterprise-level e-commerce site includes high level features like 1-page checkout, product grouping, easy product merchandising, easy coupon generation, and back order management. Check out the style and substance here.