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Top 10 Cloud Computing Advantages for Businesses

Cloud Computing continues to grow as more and more businesses discover the opportunities the Cloud provides versus traditional in-house IT infrastructures. The basic cloud computing definition means all data and programs are stored and accessed on the Internet, as opposed to using a traditional hard drive that is only linked to one computer or whoever has access to that hard drive in the local area.

Web Cube provides a scalable Cloud and Enterprise Licensing system. This has made it possible for Web Cube to provide clients a chance to globalize their company, and connect Enterprise Resource Planning. By providing a scalable Cloud computing solution, Web Cube’s clients can expand their business based on consumer trends and demands. Additionally, using the Cloud provides convenience for businesses and uses their resources and time more effectively.

The following lists the top 10 advantages of cloud computing companies can receive by shifting their business processes to the Cloud rather than having a traditional IT infrastructure: 

1)  Scaling up and down: 

Cloud computing makes it much easier for businesses to expand, or scale down based on business demands and consumer behavior because of the Cloud’s large capacity and flexibility.

2)  Mobile and Collaborative: 

Applying Cloud Computing makes it possible for consumers to receive immediate information easily. Consumers now are more concerned with receiving real time information so they can be up to date with current news.

3)  Globalizing your Workforce: 

Because cloud computing applications are accessible as long as there is Internet connection it makes it much easier for employees to communicate globally, and work together on a single project simultaneously.

4)  Saving money on Capital Costs: 

The Cloud computing architecture holds all of the data and documents in one spot, so there are no extra costs a company would need to spend. As opposed to an IT infrastructure the company would need to invest money on hardware, software, and licensing fees.

5)  Accessibility at Anytime: 

Data is compiled and organized all on the Cloud with no extra software, and can be accessed at anytime on any device as long as there is an Internet connection. This makes it easy for someone to work on any projects at any time in any location, instead of being limited to one device and one central hard drive. 

6)  No More Complex Disaster Plan:

It is proven that Cloud Computing service providers are able to recover any of the business’ information and data much faster than companies without the Cloud. Companies without the cloud have to put a complex disaster recovery plan in place, which takes longer and is slower to retrieve lost data.

7)  Automatic Software Updates: 

Cloud Computing service providers perform any maintenance automatically such as security updates or program server updates on their own, so the company doesn’t have to spend extra money and resources.

8)  Work from Anywhere: 

Employees are able to work from any location on any device. This is convenient and increases collaboration between employees, because they can work on one project or document at once. The Cloud makes it possible to finish projects faster with better results, because of increased collaboration within the company’s workforce. 

9)  Improved Security: 

Stolen laptops, mobile devices, and tablets are no longer an issue regarding lost data with the Cloud. Without the Cloud, a stolen device holding company’s data is insecure, but with the Cloud all data and information is safe because it is accessed on the Internet instead of a hard drive.

10)  Reduced Carbon footprint: 

“Using the cloud results in at least 30% less energy consumption and carbon emissions than using on-site servers.” This is a huge step forward towards a more sustainable environmentally friendly infrastructure of storing and accessing business data. 

Overall Cloud computing offers instant accessibility from any device or location, reduced costs, and improved workflow efficiencies. Companies can use their time and resources more effectively, because the Cloud makes collaboration easy and increases workflow. Companies can also reduce costs, because Hardware, Software, and licensing fees can be very costly which is not necessary with the Cloud. Additionally, The Cloud service provider performs security updates automatically, so the company does not have to worry about insecure data. With all these advantages the Cloud can majorly improve business processes and enhance a company’s performance.

Web Cube + Brightpearl Sync Up to Provide Advanced Sales Order Management

Web Cube is excited to announce a new partnership with cloud-based business management application Brightpearl. The partnership will provide Web Cube customers with more options to manage and process eCommerce orders by leveraging the system’s powerful business functionality, including accounting, CRM, inventory management, eCommerce and POS. By tapping into Brightpearl’s cloud software, brands can be confident their core data and processes are under control – saving them time and money while providing the freedom to grow their business.

In one system, Brightpearl integrates orders, inventory, and customer data from a variety of sales channels including Amazon and eBay. All orders and inventory are stored in one place and in real time. Brightpearl’s powerful reporting helps site administrators improve the quality of customer service and gain insight into their business, helping them decide where to focus their efforts more effectively.

With this partnership, Web Cube customers will have immediate integration access and will be able to utilize key online and offline channels that will offer more ways to manage their business. Learn more about Web Cube’s growing list of technology and integration partners here.

About Brightpearl
Founded in 2007, Brightpearl provides a real-time reliable system for small-to medium-sized retailers, which integrates data from customers, orders, inventory and accounting. Brightpearl provides companies with a way to optimize their total business processes as well as allowing multichannel integration.

About Web Cube
Web Cube offers a premier all-in-one mobile responsive web platform for brands, empowering customers with one turnkey platform for their website CMS, eCommerce, mobile, and social media. Web Cube drives business growth online for over 100 leading brands including Rip Curl, Dunlop, Osiris Shoes, Technicolor, Sony, and Manduka.

Team Web Cube at PyCon 2013

The Web Cube team had the opportunity, for the second year in a row, to both sponsor and attend PyCon 2013 in Santa Clara, California. The team was able to communicate, learn and connect with the Python community, learning about the past, present and future of this dynamic programming language that we have been utilizing for over 6 years.

Python is a unique open source programming language, which emphasizes code simplicity and readability. The Web Cube team had the opportunity to listen to presentations by various leaders in the Python community including teams from Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Dropbox. A Web Cube team favorite was Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. After his Keynote speech, Eben announced by way of a tribute to Steve Jobs, that all attendees would be given a complimentary Raspberry Pi device.

On the last day of PyCon, we had the opportunity to hear Guido van Rossum, the developer of the Python language, give a keynote presentation. We gained new insight and understanding as to the changes van Rossum has in mind for this innovative programming language.

The Web Cube team returned to San Diego energized and inspired by what we were able to learn at PyCon. We can’t wait to get started implementing this knowledge and producing even better results for our customers!

Join Our Team! - We're looking for Software Developers - Django / Python Experts

We are looking for innovative programmers and software developers to join our award-winning team. We have a passion for innovation, quality work, developing simple solutions to complex problems, and digital marketing that creates results for our clients. We are looking for developers to work in our software team that drives our integrated CMS and eCommerce Platform that is built with Django / Python. Our platform is used by large well-known brand to power their website and eCommerce stores. Our clients depend on us for ongoing innovation, quality software tools, and marketing software apps that deliver results.

This is a full time position. We are looking for a responsible, dedicated, career-minded professional interested in growth opportunities.

Requirements: - Python/Django Experience - Excellent SQL skills - Professional Experience Developing Web Applications - Strong Knowledge of HTTP/HTML/REST/JSON/XML and other modern web technologies - Complete familiarity with Linux - Comfortable learning new languages and resolving package issues - Dedicated Team Player - Enthusiasm and awareness of web standards and technology - Must be comfortable with deadlines, be punctual and friendly, communicate clearly, and be diligent and honest

Responsibilities: - Develop Innovative Django Applications - Support Team testing standards - Work to optimize development processes - Contribute new ideas and solutions - Be dedicated to continually higher levels of quality - Contribute to open source projects and participate in the development community - Have fun!

Please send your resume and a description of relevant experience to info@webcubecms.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

Web Cube Joins Leading Developers at PyCon 2012

Web Cube had the great privilege of being a Gold Sponsor at Pycon 2012 in Santa Clara. It was a record year with over 2,000 attendees, and as Paul Graham said, Pycon was truly the "center of Silicon Valley" for those three days. The Web Cube team attended and participated in many talks and discussions on performance, security, scalability, internationalization, data analysis, and deployment. Jason gave a lightning talk on Dockit, a new Open Source project Web Cube is sponsoring to try to create a next generation infrastructure for content management, and Nikolaj managed a 23:13 in the Pycon 5k.

All in all, we had a great time and were excited to see so many people in the community. Web Cube has been building and deploying python powered applications for over 5 years, and we owe a deep gratitude to all those who make it possible.

You can follow Jason's Dockit talk here.

E-Commerce Tax Information for Brands of All Sizes

During our recent webinar with tax solution Avalara, the following question was asked: "What are the benefits that Avalara can provide for brands with eCommerce that currently do not have nexus in multiple states?" Bob Holt at Avalara provided further information for brands, both those with current eCommerce capabilities or those looking to enter the eCommerce space.

"At Avalara we work with the small client doing hundreds of transactions a month to those clients doing hundreds of thousands of transactions a month.  The tax challenges are the same; how to accurately file, report and remit sales tax to the appropriate sales tax jurisdiction.  This challenge is shared by all businesses, perhaps more so with the small and midsize business because these organizations will not have the extra staff to support such a complicated and tedious undertaking as sales tax calculation, reporting and remitting.   As companies grow, their likelihood of audit increases; an independent study found that 95% of mid-sized companies underreported sales tax liability.  Additionally, once companies achieved mid-market status nearly 90% reported that they had been subject to an audit and 50% reported having been audited more than 5 times.       Each month there over 500 changes in sales tax rate, rules and boundaries.  States are increasingly looking for revenue to compensate for greater expenses and diminishing revenue.  In California alone, the state hired 60 additional auditors to investigate underreported sales tax.  Manual sales tax calculations are expensive from a time, talent and opportunity cost perspective.  As anyone who has done sales tax can attest;  sales tax in no way, shape or form adds to an organization’s revenue, sales or market positioning.       Since its inception in 2004, none of Avalara’s over 10,000 customers have reported a negative audit result and allowing you to do what your business does best-grow."

We Are Hiring Sales Reps

We are looking for a top notch Sales experts with experience in the CMS and E-Commerce industry to join our team. As one of the fastest growing CMS and E-Commerce platforms in the industry, we are looking for a passionate team member that is ready to dive in and grow with us. This role involves working with our strong roster of clients and new business development selling our software system and professional services.

We value honesty, integrity, great communication skills, precision, solid work ethic, and a strong team member that takes pride in their work. If you have these attributes and technical expertise in CMS, E-Commerce, and web technologies, then let's talk!

Contact us at: info@webcubecms.com