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Product Updates

The Future of E-Commerce is Here

Web Cube 4.2 is here! Grow your brand online with the most scalable, powerful version yet. Web Cube 4.2 has a whole host of sophisticated features that will take your business to the next level, including advanced order management features like order locking, email history, and an intuitive order management panel.

Web Cube 4.2 will also help expand your brand's online reach, with comprehensive social media features that enhance e-commerce, like Sell on Facebook, Open Graph Support, Customer Referrals and Rewards, and Facebook Connect integration. Other powerful enhancements for optimizing online sales include a 'stepped' checkout process, user accounts, color chips, and customer reviews.

The future of e-commerce is already here. Explore the many ways that Web Cube is revolutionizing the Web experience and helping companies leverage unlimited revenue online.

A Sneak Peek at Web Cube 4.2

Launching in Fall 2011, Web Cube 4.2 is poised to be one of the most comprehensive eCommerce and Web CMS platforms ever. Here's a sneak peek preview of some of the exciting new key features:

  • New and Improved Checkout
  • Integrated Address Verification
  • Advanced Tax Management Support
  • Advanced User Accounts
  • Customer Loyalty Program
  • Pay with Paypal
  • Log In with Facebook
  • Sell on Facebook
  • Integrated REST API
  • Facebook Open Graph Support
  • Secure Credit Card Storage (through Payment Gateway)
  • Streamlined Order Management
  • YouTube and Vimeo OEmbed Video Support

Web Cube 4.2 promises to help businesses redefine online success with the most scalable, powerful version yet. It is your all-in-one, prebuilt, preinstalled Web platform that includes all of the important marketing features that you need to ensure that your Web store stands out from the competition. Harness the power of Web Cube 4.2 to grow your business and expand your brand's global reach.

Introducing the Web Cube API

We are excited to announce that the next release of Web Cube (anticipated Fall 2011) will roll out with an integral REST API (Application Programming Interface). The API will streamline ERP integrations, facilitate creation of custom content publishing and management tools, and allow for new, innovative integrations with mobile and desktop clients for E-Commerce administrators.

API access can be configured per user, to ensure that the user's permissions are persisted to their tools.

For the technically minded, the following is an example query for all of the orders of August 1st, 2011 (with the response in a simple JSON object):

curl "http://example.com/us/api/v1/orders/order/?fulfillment_dategte=2011-8-1&fulfillment_datelt=2011-8-2&username=john&api_key=XXXXXXXXX"

NOTE: For existing Web Cube customers, the API is available as a module for 4.0 and above.

Go Global with Internationalization

Web Cube eCommerce is proud to announce our multiple currency storefront for our Enterprise product. Web Cube clients can now list products in multiple currencies and sell in different regions, over multiple domains or a single domain. Fulfill orders in different locations with Web Cube Fulfill, and import your orders in multiple currencies directly into QuickBooks with the Web Cube QuickBooks Connector.

Web Cube is a globally-ready product and will help you connect your brand with your customers worldwide.

Web Cube Support Videos Coming Soon

Right now we are working on generating support videos to add to our support articles. Our goal is to use screen casts to walk through popular use cases like adding products, news, blogs, etc. We are always focused on ways to continue to improve our user support. If you have any specific requests for screen casts, post a comment below or email it to info@webcubecms.com.

Web Cube 4.0

We are announcing the Launch of Web Cube 4.0. We have been working hard on adding features and adding polish to deliver an out-of-the box solution that allows for quicker web development.

Web marketing is fast paced and every marketing department needs a CMS solution that can handle creative marketing campaigns and can adapt quickly. You need to be able to leverage pre-existing features, and then quickly customize them to fit the marketing requirements.

With Web Cube Enterprise 4.0 we have added out-of-the box gift cards, gift wrapping, advanced coupon system, affiliate, tiered pricing, volume discounts, store credit, and more. When your marketing department comes up with a challenging campaign to be built, we want to offer the tools to achieve this quickly.

With the 4.0 launch we also focused on polish. We challenged ourselves to build the best designed out-of-the-box front end possible which will make it easier and faster to do front-end development for new websites. We enlisted the support of award winning interactive agency Cuker Interactive to design our front end UI. We are very proud of the new design and feel that it is best in class.

We will continue to post more information about Web Cube 4.0. If you would like to take a tour of the new product, contact us at info@webcubecms.com

Web Cube Getting Ready to go Mobile

We have been hard at work, bringing an out of box mobile experience to Web Cube that rivals some of the best mobile websites out there. Stay tuned for more details..

Web Cube E-Commerce 3.0

Web Cube 3.0 E-Commerce has been updated to include additional features on the front end and back end. Features include product zooming, page filtering, and dynamic SEO implementation. Stay tuned for more details on Web Cube 3.0.

We will be unveiling the updated Web Cube E-Commerce 3.0 at the upcoming DjangoCon conference in Portland September 8-12.

Web Cube Core 3.0

We have released Web Cube Core 3.0 which includes several feature upgrades. The 3.0 Core includes new FAQ's, Info Pages, and Press features.

Web Cube Core 3.0 also has an updated "out of the box" front end design. The clean layout of the videos, photos, blog, and other features reduces the amount of development time required to make these features match the look of the website that you are building.

Contact Us for a demo if you are interested in taking a tour of the software update.