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Web Cube’s eLearning is online training made easy. Scale your team’s knowledge FAST and accelerate your brand growth!

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Grow your sales.

To excel at selling, you need to know your product inside and out. With Web Cube’s eLearning, you will boost sales by enhancing your workforce’s knowledge of your company’s brand, products, and services.


Video Training

Our video training platform helps team members visualize important concepts by creating a whole new learning experience that’s fun, interesting, and memorable.



Now you can put your sales team’s knowledge to the test and measure their progress in real-time.



By incentivizing your team members, you create a stimulating and engaging experience that’ll boost sales morale and motivate your team to excel!


Multiple Language Support

Deliver a global communication experience that’s tailored to your customer’s language preferences! We offer support in English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, and more.


Your Mobile Sales Companion

Web Cube’s eLearning mobile platform is here to help you…anytime, anywhere. It’s the perfect reference tool for your sales team.


Knowledge Base & Support Documents

Create a central hub for all of your support documents and information about your brand and products.

Better Together

Seamlessly connect with your marketing and CRM software.


More Than Software

Our team of eCommerce experts is here to help solve your most challenging problems and turn them into opportunities. No bots, just friendly, knowledgeable people to answer all your questions.

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Comprehensive eLearning Features

Web Cube organizes and automates eLearning, so you can effectively grow your team’s
knowledge and create global consistency of your brand message.

Customize Your Layout

Onboarding, Training, & Support

Secure Cloud Hosting


Open API

Store Credit

Email, CRM, & Marketing Integrations

Progress Tracking

Support Documents

Knowledge Base


User Role Management

Mobile Optimized Interface


Video Training Classes

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