The Story Behind Web Cube

Web Cube began as an answer to a problem.

Why We Started

Web Cube began as an answer to a problem. Our team started in the agency world, combining our design and Web expertise to develop websites and applications for DC Shoes, Pepsi, Callaway Golf, Quiksilver, Hitachi, and other top brands. Our digital work ranged from brand websites to building online stores to custom Web and mobile applications. We tried a variety of different platforms for CMS and eCommerce for our clients but encountered the same problems every time. What we found was that the current solutions on the market did not fulfill our clients’ needs.

First, integrating and managing two different platforms for CMS and eCommerce was always a challenge. With our tight agency deadlines, it also took too long to set up and optimize hosting. Tack on top of that a few other plugins and we found that a brand’s Web infrastructure can quickly grow into a convoluted mess that requires a high overhead and dedicated team of developers to support. We dubbed this the “spaghetti incident.”

We have found that brands that are concerned with a high-end design aesthetic and are looking to market and sell their brand online need a better, integrated solution - a platform that is easier to deploy and manage, already includes all the advanced marketing and merchandising features needed to sell online, and looks great, right out of the box.

The Web Cube Solution

Our Mission is to provide brands with an alternative to the “spaghetti incident.” Web Cube is the advanced and powerful solution that enables brands to run their website, online store, mobile, and social off of one integrated platform. Deployment is easier. Management is easier. Web Cube follows best practices for increasing conversions. All the features you need to market and sell your brand across every digital touchpoint are already built into Web Cube, so you can avoid high development costs and long implementation timelines.

For the first time, brand marketers, creatives, eCommerce managers, and developers have a better solution. You can start with a platform that is ready to go - spend less time and resources on your platform setup, and more time on design, marketing, and promoting your products.

See how Web Cube’s Cloud and Enterprise Solutions are now making it easier than ever before to launch your brand into the digital space with a powerful, fully integrated CMS and eCommerce website.

Give Back to the Development Community

As part of the open-source Django community, we regularly interact and provide help through community forums like We look forward to helping grow Django as a framework collaboratively, and are committed to helping promote the use of Django technology for business applications. We regularly host DjangoSD meetings at our headquarters in San Diego and actively participate at the annual DjangoCon.

Our Values

  • Keep it Simple.

    Our product is driven by design. Clean, organized, simple, and consistent is always better. We think of our CMS as the “Mac” of CMS systems.

  • Your Sales, Your Money

    We don’t believe in taking a percentage of sales from your eCommerce store. It’s your store, your sales, and your money.

  • Empower the Customers

    We think our customers should have maximum control over maintaining their own website in order to avoid expensive maintenance fees and time delays. We have made it simple for our clients. If you can update your Facebook page, you can update your website with Web Cube.

  • Stay Flexible

    Each project has a unique set of requirements and we have strategically built flexibility into our product. This enables us to easily adapt our product to each client’s specific needs.

  • Listen to Your Customers

    Web Cube is a demand driven product. It’s built from the ground up to support marketers and designers. You speak. We listen. We evolve together.

  • Focus on Customer Service

    We are not a giant corporation with tons of layers, and we don’t try to act like one. We focus on customer service and good support. When you contact us you are working with the same team that developed the product. We take pride in our work and we are proud to support it.